Our Admission Procedure – Next Admission Dates

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1. Create an online profile.
2. Upload all necessary application documents into your profile (as PDF files).
3. Process the payment of the application fee (either online via Mollie, PayPal or bank transfer) and upload a copy of the proof of payment.
4. Submit your application so that the UMCH Admission Team can verify whether you are eligible to participate in the admission procedure.*

The current application guide can be found here.

The last next admission date are October 12, 2023 (application deadline: October 10, 2023) and October 26, 2023 (application deadline: October 24, 2023). UMFST-UMCH also offers individual appointments.

We currently offer study places for the academic year 2024/25.

Good luck with your application!

*The submission of all application documents in their correct form is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in the admission procedure.

28 Sept 2023