Apply Now for 2024/25 [Video]

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You can already apply now for a study place in the 2024/25 academic year. Watch our short video to find out what you need to know.

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Germany – Top Destination for your Career

  • First MBBS in Germany: UMCH offers the first English-speaking medical degree program (MBBS) in Germany.
  • No pre-med necessary: No pre-med, foundation year or Studienkolleg are required for admission.
  • Internationally recognized degree: The Degree is automatically recognized in the EU and many other countries (Switzerland, Norway, UK (GMC), Dubai, India) and also enables eligibility in the USA (USMLE) and Canada.
  • No prior German needed: No prior knowledge of German is required for admission to the degree program at UMCH.
  • Free German lessons: For fluent language skills upon graduation the curriculum includes free German lessons with teachers on-site.
  • Timely job offers: Due to the shortage of doctors in Germany, students often receive a job offer while still studying.
  • Automatic license: After graduation, a license to practice medicine is automatically granted, meaning that no licensing examination is required.
  • Immediate work permit: The work permit is issued directly after graduation.
  • Free choice of specialty: After graduation, students are free to choose their specialty, eliminating the need to compete or pass an exam.
  • Excellent salary: In Germany, physicians receive excellent salaries during their specialist training.

22 Nov 2023